My Dream Features
Hi! My name is Nikita. During my time using Spline, I have accumulated many ideas for improvements. I tried to organize and visualize them. I hope it will be useful
1 / My files
Difficult to deal with a large number of files, Library at the bottom takes up space, Main space is empty.

Need the ability to sort files into folders, the ability to configure a preview of the project, the button for the public link, copying it to the clipboard.
2 / Sidebars
Minimize the sidebars to a compact view with icons that could be expanded by hovering or clicking.

Long object names are displayed incorrectly. It would be useful to be able to change the width of the object bar.
3 / Adaptive version of the scene for mobile devices
Requires the configuration of separate versions for different devices, so that there is adaptability for one project. Right now, you can only create separate projects. Frame / Size settings do not allow to achieve this. I would like to have two modes: desktop (default) and mobile (<480 px). For each of these modes, you can set a different Position for objects.
4 / Right sidebar
  1. Values with a large number of characters are not fully visible.
  2. When aligning gaps, I would like to set their value manually.
  3. I would like to round the values of Position, Size, Rotation, etc. to a whole value when you double-click.
5 / Preloader
Preloader when the scene loads when it's opened via a link or in an iframe. Need customization for best UI. For example my scene loads for ~10 seconds and only the background from the project settings is displayed until it loads.

Customization could include:
  • Show percentage or not
  • Show file size
  • Customize the background color
  • Ability to make a caption and assign a text color
  • It's possible to upload your own image on the Pro account.
Maybe give a choice of loading animations: stripes, circles, etc.
6 / Fonts
I would like more fonts and more Cyrillic supporting fonts (there are 4 of them now). There might be an option to download your own font (When inserting through a frame on the site I want the font to be the same as on the site)
7 / Community
Main menu item Community.
  • Sorting by topics of public projects
  • Voting on public projects and displaying this rating
  • Viewing of a public author's profile
  • In each file's settings you can make it public and make it available for copying

In the profile settings you can fill in information for the public profile
  • nickname
  • public external link
  • how you want your public projects to appear
  • avatar
  • bio
  • links
8 / Affiliate Program
Affiliate Program:
  • Opportunity to share a referral link
  • Getting a percentage of referred clients who pay for a subscription
  • Statistics tracking
  • Simple conditions of work
  • The ability to withdraw funds or use them to pay for a subscription yourself
9 / Custom url
Include the author's profile name and the ability to choose a unique name.*username*/*custom-name*/
10 / Material presets
  • You can add to favorites to display when you create each new file.
  • Make available for sharing in the public profile
11 / "Portal"
The possibility of assigning to the plane like a portal to display the view configured for the camera stage. Perhaps through a material setup like texture you could select a camera stage that would be overlaid on the plane.
12 / States
Ability to rename and change the sequence
13 / Events
Working with a large number of Events faced with the inconvenience so I dream that:
  • expand the area Events
  • ability to rename an Event
  • rearrange
  • minimize each individual Event into a spoiler
  • add a scroll slider
14 / Copy Animation
Often you need the same setup and have to spend a lot of time to change the standard one. The ability to copy the setting of one animation to other Events would greatly facilitate the work
15 / Key sequence
Key sequence event type so that successive presses of different keys can activate different events
16 / First delay
The first delay, which is triggered only once at the beginning of the animation. It is necessary for the movement of objects in antiphase. For example for the looped animation of the Newton's Pendulum, where the balls move.
17 / Link in Events
  • New tab or Same window
  • Support Anchor link at iframe
18 / Animatable Properties
The more opportunities the better for creativity. I'm looking forward to Custom Shape Properties. It would be cool to have more:
  • Cloner
  • Post-processing
  • Wireframes Show / Hide
  • Subdivision
  • Material asset (from one to another asset)
19 / On-screen fixation
Ability to fix objects relative to the edge of the screen so it is displayed regardless of rotation, camera, etc.

*as an example of a scene created in Naker
20 / Audio
Adding audio for the scene and for Events.
For example, working audio in a scene created in Naker.
21 / Presentation
Event type Presentation, so that the animation would happen in steps or when the mouse scrolls. Step switches would be displayed in the interface

*as an example of a scene created in Naker
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